Elliotts of Nottingham

Edward Elliott (1816 - ?)

The first of our Elliotts that I have been able to find is Edward Elliott. Edward was tried and convicted at Nottingham Borough Quarter Sessions April 1837 with William Thoresby of stealing a thermometer valued at 5 shillings, the goods of Henry Scorer. Each defendant pleaded not guilty, each was found guilty and sentenced to 12 months hard labour in House of Correction.

Edward was subsequently tried and found guilty of house breaking (refer Nottingham Journal 3 Jan 1840). He was sentenced to 10 years, and transported to Australia on the "Eden" in 1840.

Edward's description from his indent papers was:

Religion: Protestant
Trade or calling: Labourer
Height: 5ft 4 1/2 inches
Complexion: Sallow and much pockpitted
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel grey
Particular marks or scars: Eyebrows partially meeting, blue (? word illegible - possibly scar) on outer corner of left, raised mole on right side of neck, E inside lower left arm.

The first instance I have found of Edward in Australia is in Scone New South Wales. On 3rd October 1842, he was living at Scone on bond, when he was "withdrawn from private service". He was admitted to Maitland Gaol on 4th October, and returned to Hyde Park Barracks on 5th October. His occupation is listed as silk glove weaver.

Sometime after this, Edward was sent to Port Phillip (Melbourne Victoria), and assigned to the Surveyor Robert Hoddle. In 1844 he was returned to Cockatoo Island (Sydney) as he (with another convict) was suspected of being involved in theft, as well as being insolent and insubordinate. He was ordered to be kept at Cockatoo Island for 12 months. In 1845 a report on his behaviour was provided to the Colonial Secretary, advising that his behaviour was satisfactory. He was released to Hyde Park Barracks on 1 October 1845.

Edward was granted 2 Tickets of Leave in 1851, the first for the Goulburn district which was subsequently cancelled for being out of the district without permission, and the second for the Maitland district. He married Mary Jemima Salmon in Maitland NSW on 26 December 1852. Edward and Mary had between twelve to fourteen children, most of whom died as children. Details of children found so far are:

  • Edith Grace Elliott(1853 - ?)
  • Abigail Elliott (1856 - 1857) n.m.
  • Jemima Mary Elliott (1858 - 1858) n.m.
  • William Edward Elliott(1859 - 1862) n.m
  • Martha Elliott(1861 - ?)
  • Samuel James Elliott (1865 - 1927) married Dorathea Dunn
  • Thomas Walter Elliott (1868 - 1944) married Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
  • Lillian Lavinia Elliott (Abt. 1869 - 1953) married Archibald Frank Marcus Brooke
  • Elizabeth Hannah Elliott (1872 - 1953) married John Thomas

Names and birth details of the other six children are still to be found. As their births do not appear to have been registered, finding information may be difficult. From details provided by my Great Aunt, there may have been a daughter named May. As Samuel, Thomas and Elizabeth all had daughters with May in their names, this could prove to be correct. A death notice for Jemima Watson (nee Austin, formerly Elliott) mentions a daughter, "Mrs Elliott", living in Leichhardt. This daughter has not been identified.

Edward was the informant on Elizabeth Elliott's birth certificate in 1872. His wife, Jemima, remarried at Coonabarabran NSW, in 1873, stating that she was a widow. Edward was, however, still alive. He turns up in 1875 and again in 1878 in the Liverpool Asylum.

An Edward Elliott was christened at St Mary's Nottingham on 25 November 1816. His parents were Samuel Elliott and Elizabeth Sandy. I have not been able to prove beyond a doubt that this is the Edward Elliott who came out on the Eden, and married Jemima Austin. Family naming patterns would suggest that they may be one and the same, however further research is required.

Samuel James Elliott (1865 - 1927)

Samuel Elliott was born in Ashford, New South Wales, in 1865. He married Dorothea (Dorothy/Dora) Booth (nee Dunn) in Nyngan about 1886. They had 8 children, most of whom didn't have their births registered:

  • Thomas Francis Elliott (Abt 1888 - 1965) married Rosell Wilson
  • Arthur Robert Elliott (Abt 1890 - 1968) married Elsie Nicholls
  • Edward Henry Elliott (1892 - ?)
  • Albert Edward Elliott (1894 - 1955) married Eva Townsend
  • Gertrude Elliott (1896 - 1964) married Patrick Goulding
  • Grace Hannah Elliott (1898 - 1960) married Cecil Rice
  • Ivy May Elliott (1900 - 1900) n.m.
  • Samuel James Elliott (1900 - 1900) n.m.

Samuel died 21 April 1927 in Parkes.

Thomas Walter Elliott (1868 - 1872)

Thomas Elliott was born in Bundara in 1868. Family legend has it that his step-father kicked him out of the house when he was 12 years old (circa 1880). Little is known about what Thomas did in those initial years. Unfortunately, none of his childrens' births were registered, so their places of birth are only hearsay. In 1893, he appears to have been in Queensland, as his first child Elsie is said to have been born there. By 1896, he appears to have been living at Coolibah in New South Wales, where his next child Dorothy is said to have been born. From a newspaper article in 1897, the first confirmed record for Thomas, he and Elizabeth were living at Girilambone. His daughter Ivy is said to have been born in Canonbar in 1900, with the 1901 NSW Census also placing him there. Bertha is said to have been born in Canbeligo in 1901. His two sons are said to have been born in Girilambone in 1907 and 1910. Thomas married Elizabeth Fitzpatrick in Sydney in 1910. Thomas and Elizabeth had six children:

  • Elsie Maude Agnes Elliott (Abt 1893 - ?) married Harold Power
  • Dorothy Lillian Elliott (Abt 1896 - 1968) married Robert McEnallay
  • Ivy Irene May Elliott (Abt 1900 - 1964) married William Murphy
  • Bertha Madeline Elliott (Abt 1901 - ?) married Kenneth MacKinnon
  • Edward Roy Elliott (Abt 1907 - 1919) n.m.
  • Arthur Ronald Thomas Elliott (Abt 1910 - 1938) married Hazel Monica Jean Richards

Thomas had a variety of jobs, but spent many years as a water diviner. He regularly placed ads in papers around the Dubbo district, advertising his services. Thomas died in Sydney in 1944, and was buried at the Field of Mars Cemetery.

Lillian Lavinia Elliott (1869 - 1953)

Lillian Elliott was born in Queensland about 1869. I have not been able to find a record of her birth. Her marriage and death certificates both state she was born in Queensland, the place name on her marriage certificate is difficult to decipher. On her death certificate, her place of birth is listed as Brisbane Queensland. The informant was her son. Lillian married Archibald Marcus Frank Brooke in Sydney in 1896. Lillian and Archibald had one child:

  • Herbert Guy Brooke (1897 - 1986) married (i) Myrtle May McWhinney, (ii) Hulda Livia Karro

Elizabeth Hannah Elliott (1872 - 1953)

Elizabeth Elliott was born in Edgeroi in 1872. Her father was the informant on her birth certificate, this is the last record of Edward. She married John Thomas in Nyngan in 1893. Consent for her marriage was given by her mother, "Mary Elliott". Elizabeth and John had ten children:

  • Mozart Francis Thomas (1894 - 1895) n.m.
  • Sylvine Fannita Thomas (1896 - 1987) n.m.
  • John William Henry Thomas (1899 - 1959) married Nellie Selina Wall
  • Elizabeth Hannah May Elliott (1900 - 1972) n.m.
  • Herberta May Thomas (1903 - 1979) married Anthony Gorrick Hannon
  • Lillian Myrtle Thomas (1905 - 2003) married Jes Alfred Homer
  • Roy Vivian David Thomas (1907 - 1962) n.m.
  • Stella Winifred Dorothy Thomas (1911 - 2004) married John Smith
  • James Thomas (1915 - 1915) n.m.
  • Jean Alma Dorothy Thomas (1917 - ?) married (i) Reginald James Maguire, (ii) George Lorraine Smith

John Thomas was a miner, and the family moved around country NSW. After John's death in 1933, Elizabeth settled in Sydney, and died in Ashfield in 1953.